Business leaders can bring their excellent ideas to the world and make changes through the business community. In addition they can also showcase a long-lasting commitment to actually improving the world through their philanthropic activities. Philanthropy is something that all business leaders can benefit vastly from.

Steven Scansaroli talks about the benefit of philanthropy in business

Most companies have more things to give to the world than their services and products. Often referred to as corporate philanthropy, it is basically the actions that businesses take to enhance their society and communities in general. Corporate philanthropy can consist of donations of money at community centers for a cause.

Steven Scansaroli is award-winning business leader and he has a career record of defining and implementing tactics that drive profit, revenue, and competitive market advantages in turnarounds, startups, and Fortune 500 companies. He has more than two decades of industry experience in medical devices, healthcare, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. He is such a well-known entrepreneur who can often be seen in news, daily newspaper, Facebook posts, social networking sites, forums etc. He has experience about the work that the health executive performs in case of accidents. He also has vast experience about sales and marketing.

Steven is famous for his transformational leadership style and he has even guided teams to exceptional performance at the regional, local, and national levels. His skills include business development, operations, M&A, finance, sales, and product development in hyper-competitive, international markets. He is also a passionate philanthropist and has been a liberal contributor to numerous charitable organizations especially those that are focused on the children in need, Roman Catholic Church, the U.S. military, and animal welfare.

Mentioned below are some of the benefits that businesses can experience by taking part in philanthropy:

  • A major benefit that companies get from their philanthropic practices is the support of the surrounding markets and communities. Supporting a community can result in a greater economic success and create income that can then be used at the business. For poor areas or those with no knowledge of specific products, philanthropy can in fact be used to form a market.
  • Market development can also take place through the enhanced reputation of the business. The benevolence that a company can produce through philanthropy can increase interest of the customers’ and encouraging opinions of the company. This may result in enhanced sales, particularly when the philanthropy is mixed with effective co-branding and advertising.

Steven Scansaroli, as a passionate philanthropist says that the satisfaction of knowing that you are assisting others in need is one of the huge benefits of philanthropy. Moreover, the employees of the company can feel good about the company that they work for, knowing that it has a philanthropic purpose as well as a profit reason. In fact the staff members can also be encouraged to give, and be encouraged to make gifting a part of their lives as well. Thus, philanthropy can be regarded as an important part of the business.


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