In any basketball game, the spectators generally support the player who is on the offensive. This player goes out of his/her way to fends off his opponents. Only then can he/she reach a position where he/she is able to throw the ball into the hoop. This spectacle never fails to mesmerize them. They end up cheering and praising him/her. However, experts say these members of the audience fail to understand an important fact. The players in any good basketball team shouldn’t only have exemplary attacking capabilities. They must also be good at defense. At times, this can turn the tide of any match.

Randal Benjamin How to get into the right defensive stance?

Randal Benjamin is a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada who has a passion for basketball. He plays the sport both at the college and professional level.  He enjoys talking about the game and sharing his views with other people. In fact, he even trains young children of various age groups. In doing so, he pays particular attention to improving their techniques, forms and skills.  Apart from this, he is also a good football player. He is a die heart fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and watches all their NBA matches. However, the players of Oakland Raiders also capture his imagination.

He says any good basketball player should have good attacking and defending skills. What many people don’t know is a good defender is an asset to any team. He/she along can turn the course of events in any match. This is why it is important for learners of the sports to practice defensive techniques. In doing so, they need to remember the following three important steps:

  1. Have a good stance

Learners need to first get in a good position. They should keep the feet forward and apart at a distance which slightly wider than shoulder-width. Their knees should also be slightly bent to give a low center of gravity. This gives them a very strong base.


  1. The body weight shouldn’t rest on the heels of the feet

In any low defensive stance, learners should adjust their body weight in the balls of their feet. They shouldn’t use their heels for this purpose. This is unlike a normal squat position they may perform in a gym. Otherwise, they can easily lose their balance and fall. To determine how low their position is, their fingers should be able to touch the ground.


  1. The back should be flat with one arm reach out to stop the opponent

Learners should lean their back forwards slightly. It needs to at the same level from their shoulders to the region of their hips. While doing so, they should be able to reach their opponents’ chest with one arm. This helps them to prevent their rivals from getting into a better position to take a shot.

Randal Benjamin says practicing the right defensive stances can helps learners foils their opponents’ attempts at scoring. In the beginning, they may find it very difficult to getting in the right position. However, they soon improve with constant practice. However, they need to remember to get their form correct like any other basketball technique.



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