Ishq Mein Marjawan (lit.: i can die on this love) is an Indian television collection broadcast via colours tv.It stars Arjun Bijlani and Alisha Panwar inside the lead roles.

The display airs on colorings television when you consider that 20 September 2017. The tale is about the life of woman protagonist Aarohi, who lives in Shimla together with her circle of relatives and her love of life, Deep Raichand, who comes in her lifestyles with hidden purpose. In Pakistan, it airs on Filmazia

The story starts with a mysterious female killing a lady who was dishonest on her accomplice. Later it’s far revealed that the murders are alike to those happening in collection in Shimla and the serial killer is Aarohi kashyap. Aarohi lives together with her brother(aniket) and sister in regulation and their son Niku. Deep Raichand, a filthy wealthy man sees Aarohi someplace and falls in love along with her however Aarohi loves Vishal. Deep plans to get them both married. but vishal does not turn up on the closing minute and is later discovered useless. Deep marries Aarohi. at the identical night time it is discovered that Aarohi’s lookalike Tara raichand is the serial killer and Deep has married Aarohi to make her the killer. Unknowingly Aarohi falls in love with Deep. Laksya, the inspector investigating on this case suspects Aarohi. Tara however suspects that Deep is falling in love with Aarohi which is actually genuine however refuses it in front of Tara. so as to make Aarohi fall greater in love with him, he receives intimate with her which Tara sees and fumes. Deep some how manages to calm her down. After few twists and turns Aarohi and Tara face every other. Tara warns Aarohi to stay faraway from Deep. Later Tara plans to kill Aarohi. even as escaping Aarohi sees Deep and Tara confessing their love . Aarohi could be very heartbroken and wants to take revenge . Deep additionally reveals out that Aarohi is aware of his reality . Deep and his fake family torture and harass Aarohi very badly. They ask her to provide them the reminiscence card which has their communique recorded. She refuses and escapes to her bhabhi ‘s residence and within the different hand deep is arrested for female harassment however gets released the very next day. His gang hosts a brand new yr celebration for which Aarohi is also invited . She gets the reminiscence card and escapes. Deep and his gang comply with her . After a few extra chase Deep destroys the reminiscence card and Aarohi is sentenced to 15 years of prison wherein she is tortured via the jailer Durga and different people.

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After 2 years
Aarohi in the end fights again which impresses other humans. She then receives released out of jail after a drama . She finds out that Deep has shifted to mumbai and that his real name is Deep Raj Singh . There she gangs up with some slum youngsters who assist her in her quest to break Deep . She goes to Deep’s house to open up greater secrets. She is going there in the disguise of a maid. firstly, Maya who pretended to be Deep’s mom is Tara’s aunt. Prithvi is his supervisor. And Sunanda who was portrayed dead if you want to shop Aarohi remains alive and that she became most effective performing. clearly she is ‘Roma’, Tara’s mom. within the beginning Deep was an orphan until Tara fell in love with him and Tara’s family realized that handiest Deep can manipulate her and forestall her from killing human beings. Roma treats Deep like her own son.Arohi planned to take revenge from deep and his companions. Deep raichand organized a enterprise party to get a contract to make money and raise strength. but it failed because the agreement paper is torn after seeing Tara slapping enterprise associate’s daughter while she saw her flirting with deep. In series of event, Arohi in disguise of maid started to take revenge. she blackmailed and threatened Tara in cellphone. She wrote at the mirror and wall “khuni”(killer) then burst ballons of blood. a lot of these made Tara nervous and began shouting. The family idea their health practitioner uncle is not treating her nicely. so that they grew to become him faraway from their family. in the period in-between, physician uncle through different maid suspected that the maid keshri is behind these types of activities and he discovers that keshri is aarohi, after that aarohi killed him however tara suspects that keshri is killed the physician and tara follows keshri when she is going her home and she will reach her domestic after that keshri reveals the fact to tara that she is aarohi and she or he will lock tara in a room.Arohi attempts to locate extra about what happened along with her sister-in-low and her nephew Nikko which led her to Tara’a brother Vitat who knows about them. which will understand greater approximately Virat Arohi starts to throw tantrums as Tara to goto Manali in which she find out inspecter Laksh isn’t always handiest alive he’s Virat, who helped to border Arohi. in the meantime, in Mumbai a ghost determine scares Maya, Chowanni,Bindiya. In Manali Virat exhibits that he handed over Arohi’s v bhabhi and Nikku to Deep, and then Deep confess to kill each of them and throwing them over a cliff. learning approximately bhabhi and Nikku’s loss of life Arohi breaks down and sought vengeance by means of throwing Deep from the identical cliff. Later, Virat insults Deep, which make him disheartened and Deep tell Tara (Arohi) to kill him if it offers her peace. in the meantime, a mysterious girl Kalyani who has helped Aarohi within the prison starts offevolved to scare Roma within the Raichand mansion. Aarohi inside the conceal of Tara and Kesari saves her quite a few time to break out from the clutches of Deep and Virat however in the shocking turn of occasions even as saving kalyani it’s far revealed to all of us the Kesari is helping Kalyani in escaping their lure. meanwhile, Maya receives suspicious over Aarohi that she isn’t Tara however Aarohi or even Kesari is also Aarohi however nobody believes her and throws her out of the house while Aarohi exhibits to absolutely everyone that Maya has an affair with Prithvi and she has no recognize for Roma with the help of a video which she has recorded. however Maya as a part of her revenge to expose Aarohi (Tara) statistics her video while she was having a communique with Kalyani but Maya’s plan comes to a sad stop when she receives run over through a truck after being chased via Aarohi.

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